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HydraPin Roller Microneedle Device

Item No.: HydraPin
Hydra roller is a microneedle device for delivering cosmeceutical and hair growth solution into the skin by rolling the tip on your skin. The microneedles have the same thickness as hair and pierce the skin painlessly.
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10 ml

Titanium Needle

Protection Cap

Blister Packaging

The roller moves smoothly and promotes the absorption of essence
Blister packaging is hygienic and easy to disassemble.

1. Easy and Painless
2. Self Therapy

3. Rapid treatment and effects

4. Very effective delivery of serums

5. Medical stainless steel with hypoallergenic gold-plated microneedles

6. 64 microneedles

7. Microneedle length is only 0.5mm

8. Sterilized packaging

9. Stimulates collagen

1. Tightening of the skin

2. Hydration

3. Rejuvenation

4. Acne scars

5. Botulinum (Botox or Xeomin)

6. Fine lines & wrinkles

7. Reducing pore size

1. Wash the treatment area prior to use

2. Sterilize the unit before and after each use

3. Don't use thick serums, consistency should be similar to olive oil

4. Use just a few drops of serum per treatment

5. Be sure the device is vertical when using so the serum comes out evenly

6. Simply roll the device across the skin, back and forth 4-5 times

hydra roller

hydra stamp

Derma Stamp 0.25mm Titanium Microneedling Hydra Needle Roller Anti Aging - Help Absorb (Import) Hair Growth Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, EGF, Peptides, Stem Cell

  • A VISIBLE TRANSFORMATION - The hydra needle roller can promote a luminous, youthful vibrant, and healthy-looking complexion, giving your skin a smoother look and feel. It can be used on the face, forehead, neck, nose, scalp, chin, and any other part of the body
  • BRAND NEW DESIGN - If you haven’t tried our microneedling derma stamp yet, you are missing out on huge improvements to your skincare routine. It's a derma stamp and serum applicator all in one. one derma stamp head with two replacement bottles
  • ONE BUTTON OPERATION - Compared to a traditional derma roller, it's much easy to operate and will be more effective, as you do not need to use another hand or one assistant to help you get essence liquid on your face. It successfully combines microneedle with essence liquid and imports it automatically. For the best experience, use it in combination with your favorite serum to promote healthy-looking skin.
  • Boosts your entire skincare routine in less than 5 minutes. The Koi Beauty Hydra Stamp uses gold-plated microneedles. Just add your favorite product to the vial and you're ready to go.
  • There are videos in the ads picture part, you can learn more about the product

hydrapin roller
Easy and Painless
Home Use
Rapid effects
Very effective delivery of serums
150 titanium micro-needles
Sterilized packaging
EO disinfection

Wash skin with warm water.
Soak the top of the applicator vial for 5-8 minutes with 75% alcohol. Put serum into the applicator vial, put the top back on, and shake 2-3 times.
Remove the safety hygiene cover.
Roll on the target area in a back-and-forth motion 4-5 times. Be sure to roll it up, down, and side to side to get complete coverage of the area.


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