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DA808 Diode Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

Item No.: VD880
Best High Power Laser Diode Professional 808nm red laser hair removal diode module with Professional Pain-Free Beauty Commercial Machine for All Skin Color
Color Optional: Black/White
Handle Optional: One/Two
Description Sepcifications Features&Advantage FAQs
laser hair removal machine for sale
Discover Smooth, Hair-Free Skin with Our Professional Laser Hair Removal Machines

Experience the pinnacle of hair removal technology with our cutting-edge laser hair removal machines. Designed for professionals and beauty enthusiasts alike, our range offers unparalleled results in the comfort of your space.

Unleash the power of diode laser technology with the best professional laser hair removal machine. Say goodbye to unwanted hair with a treatment that's effective, safe, and virtually painless.

Bid farewell to constant shaving and waxing with our top-notch hair removal laser machine. Whether you're a salon owner or seeking a personal solution, our machines provide a lasting solution for smooth, hair-free skin.

Explore the future of hair removal with SEA HEART GROUP. Our professional laser hair removal machines are poised to transform your approach to beauty and self-care. Join the revolution today.

What is the best laser hair removal machine?
Why choose our VD880 Diode laser hair removal machine?

1. New design frame, reasonable structure, smaller volume, lower transportation cost
2. Imported from " USA - COHERENT"The laser generator can fire up to 50 million shots 3. Double water filters, filtration level up to 5 μm.Only change filters 2 per 1 year. Save much maintenance cost and time for you
4. Germa Imported water pump, super quiet & largest flow to rapid cooling5. TEC cooling system can control water temperature by itself to keep the diode laser machine running continuously within 24 hours in any environment
6. Various power laser modules for your option, 300W 500W 600W 800W 1000W 1200W ... 
7. Single wave, double wave, and triple wave 3 types all in VD880 DIode laser machine choose the suitable wavelength at will to treatment
8. 808 Diode Laser Confidential RF Microneedling Machine

The beautiful Tina brings you a professional understanding of the operation and use of the VD880:

755 nm,810 nm, 940 nm, 1064 nm
Spot Size
12*14mm or 12*24mm (one or duol)
15.6 Inch Android Screen
Peak Power
600w / 1200w /1600w
   5- 40J/cm2 /5- 30J/cm2
Repetition Rate
Up to 10Hz

diode laser hair removal machine DA808
1. Come with two handpieces and adopts USA coherent company laser bar, which has stronger energy and long service life.

2. Big spot size is 12*14mm, and 12*24mm, other spot size can be customized, with different power 600W,1200W, and 1600W for options.

3. We use the Best TEC cooling system, one-minute cooling -25℃.

4. Ion and particle double filter detection, to detect the Water quality and protect the laser from working longer time.


Is Alexander a brand of laser hair removal machine?
No, Alexander is not a brand of laser hair removal machine. It is a long-pulse laser technology commonly used in the United States. We offer similar wavelength options, such as the 1064nm semiconductor laser, which provides effective results comparable to the Alexander laser.

How often should the long-pulse lamps be replaced?
There is no fixed number of pulses for long-pulse lamps. Typically, it is recommended to replace the lamp once every 2-3 years to ensure optimal performance.

What about the 808 laser?
808 lasers usually have a certain number of pulses, and the energy decay becomes more noticeable over time. That's why manufacturers often mention guarantees of 20 million pulses. Typically, the 808 laser is replaced every 2-3 years. Other solid-state lasers have less decay, and the replacement depends on the customer's preference. Xenon lamps inside the lasers are usually replaced when necessary.

Do we need to replace the entire optical head?
Except for the 808 semiconductor laser, which requires a complete replacement, other solid-state lasers consist of lamps and rods. The rod has a long lifespan, but the lamp may need replacement first. So, replacing the lamp is usually sufficient.

Is the 808 PD100 laser equipped with 20 million pulses?
Under normal usage, the 808 PD100 laser can provide 20 million to 30 million pulses. It is designed to last for more than 2 years.

How often should the filters be changed for the semiconductor laser?
Generally, the filters for semiconductor lasers should be changed every 3-6 months. The water should be changed monthly. However, most customers rarely need to change the filters frequently.

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