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Best Permanent Hair Removal Laser Machine

Item No.: SH Vertical Laser Hair Removal Machine
Safe Reliable
2 Years Warranty
CE/ISO/FDA/TUV Certificate
-25°C Ultra-low temperature
USA Coherent FAC Laser Bar
Smart 15.6 Inch Touch Screen
600W/1200W/1600W/2000W Peak Power
Vertical or Desktop Diode Laser Type Available

Buy the Best Permanent Hair Removal Laser Machine at SEA HEART GROUP

What is a permanent hair removal laser?

Permanent hair removal laser, also known as laser hair removal, is an advanced and highly effective cosmetic procedure designed to eliminate or significantly reduce unwanted body hair. The technique uses concentrated beams of light, or lasers, to penetrate the hair follicles. The pigment in the follicles absorbs the light, which ultimately destroys the hair.

Key features of permanent hair removal laser:

  • Precision Targeting: Laser hair removal precisely targets dark, coarse hairs while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged.
  • Lasting Results: While it's referred to as "permanent," it typically offers long-term hair reduction rather than complete removal. 
  • Versatility: It's suitable for various body areas, including the face, legs, arms, underarms, and bikini line.
  • Quick Sessions: The procedure is relatively quick, and multiple hairs can be treated simultaneously.
  • Reduced Hair Growth: Throughout several sessions, laser hair removal can significantly reduce the thickness and growth of treated areas' hair.
  • Minimal Discomfort: While there might be some discomfort, most people tolerate the procedure well, and any side effects are usually temporary.

How it works:

  • Melanin Absorption: The laser emits a light that is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) in the hair.
  • Heat Generation: This absorption generates heat, damaging the hair follicle and inhibiting future hair growth.
  • Hair in Resting Phase: Laser hair removal is most effective on hair in the active growth phase, which is why multiple sessions are usually needed.
  • Safety Measures: It's crucial to follow pre and post-treatment care instructions to ensure safety and optimal results.

Benefits of permanent hair removal laser:

  • Precision: Targets specific hairs without affecting the surrounding skin.
  • Speed: Each laser pulse takes a fraction of a second and can treat multiple hairs simultaneously.
  • Predictability: Many people experience permanent hair loss after an average of three to seven sessions.
Permanent Hair Removal Laser Machine

SEA HEART GROUP's Permanent Hair Removal Laser Machines are simple yet effective. For product pages of different models and types of laser hair removal machines, please click on the following models to jump to the details item page: TITANs2K VD860 TITANs Mini.

best laser hair removal machine applicators Dual Connectors with 3 different spot-size applicators
We supply 3 types of spot sizes: 
1cm2 for 12*14mm spot size; 2cm2 for 12*24mm spot size; 4cm2 for 14*40mm spot size. Available upon your request. 

So How does the spot size affect hair removal effect? 
Comes from Joana T, a newly opened beauty salon owner
The spot size significantly impacts the efficiency of hair removal treatments. A larger spot size allows for the coverage of a larger area, reducing the number of treatment sessions required and the overall treatment time. Doubling the spot size can halve the hair removal time. For example, if full-body hair removal previously took 60-90 minutes, switching to a larger spot size can reduce it to 30-45 minutes. During peak hair removal seasons, this can accommodate 2-3 additional clients per day, increasing revenue.

*Outcomes might differ based on skin, or hair type. SEA HEART GROUP provides FDA-cleared, dependable, and beneficial hair removal devices.

Laser bar: USA imported Coherent semiconductor chip

best professional laser hair removal machineWhy does SEA HEART's hair removal machine work better?

The quality of our machines can be benchmarked against European, American, Japanese, and Korean brands, and refunds will be issued if invalid, The host is guaranteed for 2 years and has professional equipment testing. We use the USA imported Coherent semiconductor chip, Alma’s laser supplier FOCUSLIGHT laser, medical grade Anodized hard oxidized water channel, 3um PP+Resin filters, NSF & TUV dual certification connector, and German Ponyt booster water pump.

For more advantages of SEA HEART GROUP's professional laser hair removal machine, click here to jump to an article to view more details.

laser hair removal machine cost laser hair remover machine

A professional salesman is explaining the details of the hair removal device model TITANs2K

About your diode laser hair removal machine's power, is it real?
1600W is our standard energy. We are a factory as well as a manufacturer with 19 years of experience in the beauty aesthetic industry.
As far as we know, there is currently no 2000W standard configuration in the Chinese market, but we can customize 2000W according to your request, it is no problem. We have customized semiconductors up to 2400W max for some customers.

FAC of laser bar

FAC fast axis collimation compression technology

What is the FAC of a diode laser hair removal machine?
FAC (FACFast-Axis-Collimator) is the Fast-Axis Collimator; FAC (Fast-Axis Collimator) lens has excellent collimation and transmittance, FAC lens is an important optical component of the semiconductor laser, which is very important for beam shaping and modification.
buy laser hair removal machineNO FAChome laser hair removal machine

Click here to jump to an article to view more details about
laser hair removal device: FAC fast axis collimation compression technology in semiconductor laser application.

Before and after image of laser hair removal machineBefore and after image 
How many times do I need to use your laser machine for hair removal in different areas? Can it be applied to nose hair or nose tip?
This comes from Alicia, a personal user in the USA

The effect of hair removal on the human body is related to skin color, hair thickness, and growth cycle. It has nothing to do with the specific location. The location is only related to the size of the hair removal area. Generally, hair removal can be removed 3-5 times all over the body. Please pay attention to sun protection after hair removal if your skin is sensitive.

laser hair removal best machineWhat is the handle life? What is the best laser hair removal machine?

50 million shots, unlimited shots within 2 years.
Change the distilled water each month, and change the filter every 3-6 months.
Single and double handles are available

laser hair removal machine price

The real
demonstration of hair removal results

Water injection suggestion?
Pay attention when adding water, until the water flows out of the vent hole, it means that the water tank is full.
At this time, we recommend turning on the machine waiting 5 minutes, and then adding water again.

Because the water will flow to various parts of the machine during the operation of the machine, the middle water level of the water tank drops. Repeat the water addition operation 2 to 3 times.

how much is a laser hair removal machineBigger Display
15.6'' Android
Touch Screen with 
pre-set parameters
The good news, all the laser hair removal machine for sale, gives you a tangible, user-friendly work experience, and a newly designed GUI makes your treatment time 40% shorter than before.

We accept customized data upload and download in the cloud app.

commercial laser hair removal machine

What is SHR?
SHR stands for Super Hair Removal. It's a fast hair removal mode operating at 10Hz. In this mode, the repetition rate (HR) can be adjusted between 1-10Hz, offering flexibility. Our new 808 program for SHR includes an algorithm that calculates treatment times based on the area to be treated, energy density, and other factors. It ensures even treatment over the specified area, making it more efficient and comfortable for clients. Traditional treatment involves sliding the handpiece back and forth, but the effectiveness can vary based on individual settings. SHR simplifies the process and enhances consistency.

BENEFITS of SEA HEART laser hair removal professional machine
"I am going to open a new beauty salon and need your machines and one-stop solutions, can you provide me with supporting services, including installation guidance, online explanation, and after-sales maintenance of spare parts?"

Yes, congratulations on finding the perfect supplier. SEA HEART GROUP has been positively devoted to providing (FREE) professional OEM/ODM services of professional aesthetic and esthetician machines for 19 yearsJust in time for the 19th anniversary of the store, we offer the biggest discount for new and old buyers, all machines 2 year warranty period, an online installation guide, and 1-year free replacement parts, in addition to the order that will be sent to the value of 500 U.S. dollars of a plasma pen!

best hair removal laser machine
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