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Our people and their competence make us one of the most innovative beauty equipment manufacturers in the beauty salon equipment field. We do not doubt that one day in the future our brand will be recognized all over the world, thanks to our heritage in the domestic market.
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Medical Aesthetics

professional beauty equipment factory

4 Main departments

Marketing Department
The front end investigates and analyzes laser beauty equipment such as laser hair removal machines, hydramaster face beauty machines, facial analysis machines, RF, etc., accurately answers customers' questions provides the most reasonable price service, and wins the trust of customers with high-quality services.

R&D Department
The employees of the R&D Department strive for excellence, keep making progress, always adhere to market-oriented, and develop safe, stable, and efficient aesthetic beauty machines and optimal solutions according to customer needs.

Production Department
Adopting international first-class standardized standards, everyone strictly controls their own production links for precise production. Produce every product with ingenuity.
After-sales Department
Customers are like our family to us, and solving customer problems is an ordinary and great thing for us, and this is the value of our existence.

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SEA HEART Employees Participate in 18th Anniversary Celebration 

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